CNI Hackathon '22 Data Science Challenge AI Challenge Register FAQs
Frequently asked questions:
  1. Who is eligible to participate in the Hackathon?

    Students currently enrolled in bachelor's or master's degree programs in educational institutes in India are eligible to participate in the Hackathon. Others may also participate in the Hackathon. However, they will not be eligible for the prizes.

  2. Are only engineering students eligible to participate?

    There is no such restriction.

  3. Can I participate as a team?

    Yes. A team can have at most two members. All the team members must register for the Hackathon. [10/09/2022]: We will collect team details in a few days. For now, please ensure that all the team members have registered.

  4. Can I participate in both the challenges?

    Yes. Participants may choose to participate in both the challenges. The evaluation of the submissions will be done separately for the two challenges.

  5. I am not getting an email to confirm my registration. What do I do?

    You may try a combination of the following options:

    • Look for the email from within spam/junk, promotions, and other folders in your inbox.
    • Whitelist our email address ( to prevent our emails from going to your spam/junk folder.
    • Ensure the correctness of the email id that you enter. We noticed that some participants had typos in their email ids.
    • Register afresh.
    If none of the above work, please contact us on our email address (

  6. How does a registration confirmation email look like?

    The email that contains the link to confirm registration appears as shown in the following image:

  7. Is this an online event?

    Yes, this event will be conducted online.

  8. I am unable to extract the BMTC.parquet.gzip file. What do I do?

    We encourage the participants to refer to, and use the code template to read BMTC.parquet.gzip. There is no need to uncompress the .parquet.gzip file into .csv, because the file size will blow up by almost ten times! At most, you may need to check if you have pyarrow installed in your system (use the command: pip install pyarrow in case it is not).

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