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AI Challenge: Fence and Conquer
  1. Background
  2. Task
  3. Codebase
  4. Importance of Strategy
  5. Submission
  6. Evaluation criteria
  7. Leaderboard
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The videos placed below illustrate the working of fence and conquer. The videos on the left side contain explanations. The ones on the right side provide an uninterrupted view.
Scenario 1: with pauses and voiceover Uninterrupted version (without voiceover)
Scenario 2: with pauses and voiceover Uninterrupted version (without voiceover)


Create a bot that competes with another bot for conquering more cells (area) in a grid.


The participants should download the fence and conquer codebase (download link ) and use it to build and self-evaluate their submissions. It contains the following codes:

Importance of Strategy

All fence and conquer strategies may not be effective. For example, the following gif shows that the blue bot, which is taking every step in a random direction, is performing worse than the green bot, whose strategy itself is not really great in implementing fence-and-conquer.


Evaluation criteria


The leaderboard lists the valid submissions and the final results. Many congratulations to the winners!

The participants can update their bots on Github multiple times before the submission deadline. On a regular basis, we will fetch the bots, make them play against the other bots, and update the Leaderboard. The leaderboard gives an indication of how well a bot is performing with respect to the other bots in its (temporary) group, and serves the purpose of motivating the participants to improve their bots. However, during the final evaluation, the bots will be grouped differently, and a bot may not face the bots it faced previously.

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