CNI Hackathon '22 Data Science Challenge AI Challenge Register FAQs


Data Science Challenge
Create a model to estimate the travel time, in minutes, between source-destination pairs using a Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) dataset.

AI Challenge
Create a bot that competes with another bot for conquering more cells (area) in a grid.

Important dates
# Event Date (2022)
1Registration commences 25 Aug ✅ In progress
2Problem statements and dataset release10 Sept ✅ Released
3Briefing/Kickstart: 1 hr session 15 Sept @ 6:30pmYouTube link
4Submission deadline: AI Challenge20 Oct 12 Nov✅ Repositories cloned
5Submission deadline: Data Science Challenge20 Oct, 12 Nov 03 Dec✅ Repositories cloned

Winning teams will be declared separately for each of the two tracks. Winning teams will be eligible for prizes worth up to ₹ 1.75 lakhs (see Note) for each of the tracks as indicated below:
Team Rank Title Reward amount (in ₹) (see Note)
1Winner 🥇₹ 1,00,000
2First Runner Up 🥈₹ 50,000
3Second Runner Up 🥉₹ 25,000

  1. Prizes will be given as gift vouchers on popular e-commerce platforms after deducting taxes as per government norms. Tax rate currently is 31.2% for prizes.
  2. Only bachelor or master degree students are eligible for rewards. PhD students and other non-student individuals are not eligible.

Results: Hearty congratulations to all the winners!
Data Science Challenge
Team Team Member(s)
1DevLover Mohammed Abdul Razak Wahab Winner 🥇
2maury_DS_**3CA Priyanshu Maurya
Priyanshu Pansari
First Runner Up 🥈
3shahg_DS_**3JW Rohan Shah
Sanket Waghmare
Second Runner Up 🥉

AI Challenge
Team Team Member(s)
1Primus Yuvraj Singh Winner 🥇
2Chaman Vinayak Shrivastava
Aman Singh
First Runner Up 🥈
3Sugoi Anisha Agrawal
Dhaval Kumar
Second Runner Up 🥉



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